Monday, August 25, 2014

Slink appliers!

I have a number of skins in my inventory that I have purchased the matching slink appliers, just to find they really don't match AT ALL!. i have become pretty good at mixing with the slink tools to make my own. However i still see the lines! Heres a great idea for something im guessing you have in your inventory already! BANGLES! we all have them. There arre so many free or cheap bangles that are out there. They are terrific for covering up the lines. I have also used bracelets on my ankles to cover the lines of unmatched color. There is a bit of editing to do to attatch them in the right place, but save them as their own outfit and they will always be very easy to use!

Here is a pair that is free right now! they can be worn with slink or non slink!


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