Sunday, August 10, 2014

FRee Cstar Limited 5 year Anniversary skin hunt!

This has to be my favorite skin designer of all time! Shes an amazing artist and I am not just a fan of hers, i am also a collector of her limited edition skins.

The cheat notes: this is a social media hunt so look at the notes carefully. you can contact me in secondlife if you need any help. her group is an incredibly helpful bunch too. Ten color tones to find! all skins are transferrable! so get yourself.. your friends, your alts, anyone!!!!

Tones and locations

Almond - Facebook
Blush - cStar Live (Join at Store and WAIT 24 hours to send)
Discreet - Hunt in the Store 􀀚
Dreamy - Marketplace
Dust - Twitter
Heavenly - Flickr
Neutral - Newsletter  (Join at Store and WAIT 24 hours to send)
Pixie - cStar Group  secondlife:///app/group/e501f3a4-27e0-8205-a0c9-9f30ae98b7af/about
Satin Natural - Blog
Shine - Marketplace

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