Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lets talk about JEANS!

I think there are very few people in second life that havent worn a pair of jeans. Theres the good ones, the bad ones, and the pair that you ask yourself.... "what is that supposed to be again?"

Mesh jeans have really made the impact in secondlife. They are terrific ! mesh skinnys mesh long, bootcut, ripped all kinds. im finding it harder to wear some of my mesh boots with the mesh pants. or shirts, sweaters, coats when I have the mesh jeans on. Heres what ive decided to do. I am now going back to system texture jeans,, the good ones. there are people that still make them or carry them in their inworld or Marketplace. I found my favorite jeans at LARRY JEANS. they come in single color pack with more than one design, they have muti colors. yje legs on them are modifiable if you ned them to bell out or be skinny jeans. Larry Jeans 
GO! secondlife:///app/teleport/SESTOSENSO/53960.890000/-7735.031000/23.800000/

Heres the look;

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