Saturday, August 30, 2014


There is a terrific group gift out with realist textures and the mesh sizes really fit. The have done a great job on the alpha layers. This is free with group or you can go to the history in the subscriber,

The group secondlife:///app/group/cd3dc600-f18d-7297-0dd2-843eb14a316c/about

The location of subscriber and gift!

Friday, August 29, 2014

All about TOPS!

There are so many designers that are releasing the Boho style skirts. I have not always had tops that work well with them. I just found a bunch of them. They are many priced at $1L.

The ones I am showing here are non mesh. They are from SWANKY.

The SL location

The Market

$1L mesh clothing sale at BUNENZA!

WOW! This is really beautiful clothing! I just learned of them today! They have a ton of really detailed mesh clothing on the market for $1L

The Market

$1L Boho collection from Iffyta

Iffyta has just released the rest of the Boho collection. for whatever teason all have been priced at $1L! the outfits come with 8 color HUD. There is also an off for free clothes if you leave feedback on the items. See the Market for all the details!

The Marketplace

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Free Body flag!!! SO COOL!!

FRee body flag from Kal Rau! group is required but no fee, this is a male clothing shop... pretty neat stuff!

Group secondlife:///app/group/0bbfc1ce-1f60-bbcf-47c1-69a9551a2862/about


Free Hair from EXILE!

Super pretty hair! the Natural pack has four colors in it. You can receive the hair free from the subscrib o matic in the store. It can be found in the history, select notice number one. Cant get it to work? try to catch me in secondlife. ill do my best to help!


FRee at Java!

Java has two items out to buy for $0 at the entrance of the shop by the other group join signs. No group is required.the store is full of great deals! i got a Hair fatpack for $25L!


The hair....

Monday, August 25, 2014

Slink appliers!

I have a number of skins in my inventory that I have purchased the matching slink appliers, just to find they really don't match AT ALL!. i have become pretty good at mixing with the slink tools to make my own. However i still see the lines! Heres a great idea for something im guessing you have in your inventory already! BANGLES! we all have them. There arre so many free or cheap bangles that are out there. They are terrific for covering up the lines. I have also used bracelets on my ankles to cover the lines of unmatched color. There is a bit of editing to do to attatch them in the right place, but save them as their own outfit and they will always be very easy to use!

Here is a pair that is free right now! they can be worn with slink or non slink!


Free at A.M.K.R!

I stumbled on this little shop. Very cute and sassy! there are a number of group gifts and free stuff.


FRee skin at !SOUL

This skin is really a classic look. !Soul has put every applier ive ever heard of with this Group gift! Including slink hands and feet. There is no fee for the group.

Group- secondlife:///app/group/cedea2f1-d52d-2b8b-2a1f-b9f8b8540eee/about


Friday, August 22, 2014

FRee mens mesh clothing (six gifts) from 360 High Quallity Mesh Store

OMG Finally some really nice stuff for guys! For Free! With group.

Group secondlife:///app/group/b732fcc7-fc65-1b37-cb78-08bae648c111/about


I havent tried them myself, but when my partner wakes up ill take the pics and post so stay tuned! meanwhile get your butt over there!

Black! A classic! Value for money!

I think half of my wardrobe is black. Just when I think i will never buy another black outfit... I buy another one. Here it is. The boots were included. This is a non mesh outfit and I think its great!

The store is **AdN Designs**. They have a shop in Secondlife and on the Marketplace.

Other fashion credits

Skin- Cstar cStar Limited - TAO Geisha 2 - Crushed Rose
Hair- eXxEsS : SIMA Dark Brown

FRee Jumper with shoes from CandyMetal!

Great little mesh jumper with socks and shoes! It is free with group.. but the gift shows a different gift on the Gift.. i have attached the phot to look for and what is really in the box!The shirt comes in all layers with long or short sleeves! This does require a group tag. This is only one of many group gifts there. Look for the sale items and new releases too!

Group secondlife:///app/group/841f2080-8791-3a86-9634-5bdbc6d517d3/about NO FEE

 It was in this box.

10L Hilary skin with slink appliers

This may be new news or old news. But i saw that the Hilary skin at WOW skins is still out at the mainstore. it is 10 Lindens and it is one of my personal faves. It comes with Slink hand and foot appliers and tango appliers. A fabulous deal at a whopping $10 Lindens! No group required.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bras and bikinis

I have hundreds and hundreds of non-mesh bras and bikinis in my inventory. Some of them are so dang cute. who ever sees them? We dont really "need the support" right? I found a terrific way to use them and it looks pretty cool! * color HUD and you can find this vest on the marketplace.

2Chez is the shop

The look-

Free Hair from Pritty!

4 great styles and all the colors!!! Group is required for the gift packs.

Group secondlife:///app/group/b23b775b-c35b-7464-cdd7-026987d42963/about



Love, Hearts, and Valentines! so cute! This nail HUD comes with nail and toe HUDs with 12 patterns/colors. A group tag is required to receive this gift!

Group secondlife:///app/group/8f0fc6c0-b111-cc5c-5ced-c7ae1c3beaae/about


Free hair from Rumina Styles!

Cute and sassy! this gift includes all the color pack HUDs. there is group required to receive this gift.

Group secondlife:///app/group/2d244305-1609-a690-6921-525652496de4/about


Other fashion credits;

Skin - Cstar Flutter skin
Eyes - Cstar Stoner eyes
Cupcake necklace - Chop Zuey