Thursday, October 9, 2014

FRee skins fron Genesis Creations!!!

Whoo Hooo!! Genesis Creations has two different group gifts out AND a little pumpking Hunt skin for $5L! Heres the deal... One is for the SLFO group, one is for the Genesis Creations group. Let me give you the group joiners for both.

SLFO secondlife:///app/group/601a412e-f210-e20c-2f01-e186b0ea4f42/about has freckles and no frecles all the appliers

Genesis Creations secondlife:///app/group/bd8ec34c-d938-5c3f-c205-6fdee40f0acd/about All the appliers


Oh and by the way.. The third skin in the pumpkin hunt has bothe Male and female skins and is 5L Heres the hint.. OMG go upstairs you cant miss it.



The Hunt gift

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