Monday, October 20, 2014

Free mens mesh clothing from Keith7708 String

Heres some great deals for men on the marketplace.

 there's a note from the store that tells you how to get more free clothing as a thank you gift for leaving a review. The Note'

CHANCE TO GET ADDITIONAL FREE PRODUCT!!! Let others know what you think of the product by leaving a review and receive a free gift from my store, your choice, under 100 lindens, for as many products as you rate. ******Please send me a notecard or IM with your requested product. **** Keep in mind that your review is of the product, not a thank you for the gift.  The idea is to tell other people that have not seen the product what you think about it, or how great it is, so if you like the colors, the fact that it has all the textures in one, if you are getting a lot of compliments, that its the easiest way to dress, that you love the coordination of colors, the fact that you can mix and match and have just a few things in your inventory but look like you have a huge wardrobe.  These are just some examples. Thank you, although is greatly appreciated will not be considered as part of this program:)

The same deal is on the shop for women!

Shop for men

Shop for ladies

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