Friday, February 13, 2015

Free Nails!!!vfrom bamboo nails!

I am on my soap box again. I love Bamboo fingernails! she creates appliers for both Slink and Non slink. Theres a difference though than the traditional appliers.. You can select the pattern for each individual nail! Slink or Non Slink.. sooo cool!.

The non slink nails are fantastic! For those that havent taken the plunge you will love them!. there is a hand relaxer built right in. Tell the hud the size of your hands and Get on with decorating!. bazillion Huds to chose from! Apply from different sets, colors! Get crazy! The picture below has the Non Slink version nails on. I do not touch up. There is a Group gift out so you can give them a try!  The gift set is called mood. See below

Group secondlife:///app/group/af53ef58-ef0e-4f25-93cc-3be092590a62/about


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