Monday, November 24, 2014

Fantasy skins.. Fashionable or not?

I LOVE Fantasy skins! Some creators make a few, some make a ton. Right now there are a few places I think everyone should check out before you decide, Try something new. It really can be a blast.

I found a few over at Blue Couture during their sale. They have marked everything so cheap I could barely breathe! I bought the first two skins there for $50L. The blue one is from the Caterpillar costume. The other is Queen of Hearts. can be found on the 3rd floor, There are a tone of gifts out and hunt items you dont even need hints to find. GOGOGOGO!!!

Then I have a few from CSTAR. This store can be found on the MP and inworld. they are all limited edition skins. There are tons out that have been sold back to the creator and realeases that are all limited in quantity. I am a a huge fan! my collection is way too big to show them all but here are a few i know you can still get. The market link is direct to her free items on MP> but do take a look around

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