Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cosmetics from $1L! By Glamorize!

Glamorize! That is where you can completely change your look from $1 linden and up. average is one linden per color of lips or eyes or combos. so a 20 color lip set would be $20L but you can get one makeup combo for $1L and so on. keep your skin you love but change it up!


Lets take a look.. i just posted a free skin below from + 8 DESIGNE +  that is a free group gift. that will be the foundation for my makeup!

Look #1 this was one look for $1 and includes the eyes and lipcolor

Look # 2 Delirious lips with 20 colors for 20L

Look #3 The Rockstar! come with 9 color options one being with no glitter 9L. no lipcolor. But when you add lipcolor, OMG!

Adding the black lips from delirious palette

Finally my favorite! just adding glossy lips!

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